Why don’t we drive plug-in hybrids until Hydrogen autos are available?

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In preparation of my recovery from Gallbladder surgery I rented many DVDs to fill the time. One of them was “Who Killed the Electric Car”. It sure opened my eyes. I have been interested in electric and hybrid vehicles for a while, even took a day last November to go to the annual car show in Seattle and check out the electric vehicle options. Most models, I found were not well made or would not go over 25 mph. After watching this documentary and seeing how the major American car companies are trying to keep us in the fueling station profit model and that there are other options out there I have decided to make my next car a plug-in hybrid and to support organizations like Plug in America in the effort to make the general population aware of the electric vehicle options available to them.

Please make the time to watch Who Killed the Electric Car and decide for yourself how you feel about your household budget being squeezed tighter and tighter while oil company profits are getting higher and higher.

Happy EARTH Day


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